#Desiccants are more important than you may think

#Desiccants are more important than you may think

You know about the importance of applying desiccants during long sea shipments, for example from Asia to Europe or to the US, with transit times of 1–2 months. But you may not use desiccants for medium or short haul shipments. 

Think again. 

Moisture damages happens within days. Rust can forms in as little as 4-5 days; mold germinates within 1-2 days, spreading within 2 weeks and packaging damage can occur over night. 

We recommend using desiccants during all transport situations whenever your cargo is at risk of moisture exposure or fluctuating temperatures. 

Super Dry desiccants prevent moisture damage during sea, rail and road transport. Talk to us, your experts in mold prevention.