Superior way of moisture damage prevention

Superior way of moisture damage prevention

Super Dry Desiccant - the ultimate solution for moisture control and safety of your cargo! Our products are regularly tested and in compliance with legal obligations so moisture is no more a problem for you!

What makes our desiccants your superior solution? 
Why our desiccants are economical and user-friendly option? 

Super Dry team approaches 4 main steps to reach high effectiveness

Climate Chamber Tests
Our R&D centre is equipped with chambers where we can simulate effects of moisture and temperature during transportation

Transport Control
We use tags with digital data loggers which are attached to your shipments to record temperature and humidity inside container and packaging during real time transportation

Factory Audits
Team of auditing specialists support your factories in moisture damage risks. We provide you with step by step improvement plane to minimize moisture damage

Training and Seminars
We offer supplier seminars and staff training to make every staff level aware of moisture damage risk.

With Super Dry, keep your cargo dry, protected, and secured from factory to destination!
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